The NGO H.C.B. Help Children Barcelonais born out of a dream to support and manage the growth of human beings who are in the most vulnerable and helpless situations: Children. H.C.B. tries to provide funds to special needs groups such as the physically and mentally disabled children or children with family problems.
To realise this dream, H.C.B. has chosen to focus on and apply web technologies to channel awareness and to use it as a practical tool to collect donations. As with other entities, H.C.B. also works as an intermediary between the donor and recipient. However, what makes H.C.B. special, is total transparency of the process of turning the donations into concrete actions in favour of the children. The donor knows in advance how his contribution will be invested, and once made, the donor receives a tangible confirmation. H.C.B. preserves a top of 10% of this contribution for operating expenses and we keep our expenses low with the use of an IT platform. All investments and projects will receive full media coverage by H.C.B. in order to allow all donors to know the results of their generosity.
Technology, transparency and solidity at once in the service of children.
A Little Big Revolution!